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The history of the ancient residence of Villa Rioddi

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The building where the hotel is located today dates back to the 1400s, although some non-certified sources date it as far back as 1100.

Over the past centuries, the building has served various purposes, but always similar to its current use.

In 1600, it was a stagecoach station for people passing by, when Volterra was an important link between Florence and Cecina (traces of a narrow downhill road, which was the ancient road to the sea, are still visible next to our swimming pool). The carriages were on the ground floor and the guest rooms on the upper floor.

Even before that, in 1400, it was already a sort of inn: when the city gates closed at 5 pm, as was the  custom at the time, the building was used for the night by wayfarers and travellers.

In more modern times: the house was purchased in 1982 and after a careful restoration in 1994 it was turned into a hotel, returning it to its ancient vocation as accommodation for tourists and foreigners.

Why is it called Hotel Villa Rioddi? A fun fact. Our hotel is located in the village bearing the same name, Rioddi, next to Volterra. And, as a matter of fact, the name Rioddi originally came from our establishment: in 1800, the house belonged to a man named “Oddo”; since there was a stream nearby, everyone spoke of the place indicating the stream, “rivolo”, of Oddo, which later became Rioddi.