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The rediscovery of historic shops

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Our historic shops are an important element of
historical memory, of precious testimony of history, culture, tradition and roots both in the fabric urban will volterrano both in the daily lives of citizens and in addition to becoming part integral to the cultural heritage of the city itself, they acquire value of well cultural.

The historical shops preserve works, perfumes and colors that make the territory of Municipality of Volterra also interesting for quality shopping, through research of testimonies of the past where thanks to ancient crafts you can recall, artefacts of art, smells and flavors of the past thanks to the artisan products that are still carried out today as centuries ago.

In Volterra the historical shops are recognized as a product of excellence of the our city, included in tourist itineraries and visited by millions of tourists and tours operators.

Thanks to their appeal they have now become a national success story. The most visited historical shops are undoubtedly those of alabaster: they have properly the characteristics of “alabaster factories” , with related craftsmen artistically prepared, and commercially fit to compete on markets International.

Alabaster art has as its protagonist a material that for centuries, in Italy and in Western world, it was an almost exclusive prerogative of the territory they will fly in terms of retrieval and processing, a material characterized by aspects particular and peculiar extremely worthy of being known e depth. Stay at the Hotel Residence Villa Rioddi and ask for me; I can tell you a lot on ours artisans. I can recommend a small itinerary that can guarantee you one vision comprehensive of the most characteristic shops; you will take home beautiful photos and of memories unique in the world.

Whether these shops deserve to be seen is up to your judgment; meantime I can show you the top five , the must see that in my opinion you absolutely must not lose you.

Bottega n.1

Discover the most
beautiful shops
in our opinion

Bottega n.2

The splendor
of white, the
stone of light

Bottega n.3

The tradition of craftsmanship.
Habits between the past
and the here I'm

Bottega n. 4

Discover, look, touch!
Bring our best memories
with you.

Bottega n.5

Quality products,
international luxury
made in Italy!

Would you like to know the names and GPS coordinates of these shops? Of these and many others, of course… If you trust us, we at Hotel Residence Villa Rioddi, we solve at least the effort of selecting the best points of interest: I assure you that it can sometimes be a very tiring search. Come local I offer some advice, essential, but complete.

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