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All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised using virucidal products suitable against Covid-19 and, as soon as you leave, we will also sanitise them with an ozonator for additional safety.
On each floor of the hotel, you will find a hand sanitiser dispenser unit and related signs showing that it is compulsory to wear a face mask inside the facility. All staff use the mask. As they enter the hotel, the temperature is measured.

Swimming Pool

To guarantee you maximum safety, the filters of our pools are made up of sand glass coated with silver nanoparticles that can kill Virus and bacteria on simple contact.
Our pools are disinfected with powerful medium pressure UV-C lamps, this means NO VIRUS and BACTERIA at 99% (including those resistant to chlorine), but above all, discomfort to the eyes, lungs, skin and the unpleasant smell of chlorine present in normal swimming pools disinfected with CHLORINE and SALT are eliminated to 99%.

Terrace and Pool Area

To ensure safety against the virus, each room and flat has its own pool umbrella and private sun loungers marked with the room number, which are thoroughly sanitised with special products every evening. If you would prefer to be even more spaced out, you can move your umbrella and sun loungers to the gardens above the pools, where you will be practically alone.


We have two breakfast rooms, one inside with a magnificent vaulted ceiling and one outside on a beautiful panoramic terrace, both with tables well-spaced out in line with Covid-19 regulations.

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